Hola, I am Suzie (Suzie Añon y García)

Once upon a time I fell in love with… Valencia.

During one of my travels I fell in LOVE with Valencia, it felt like a strong magnet it made me decide to come and live in Valencia and explore every little corner of it.

Now I’m a CERTIFIED tour guide in Valencia, making as an entrepreneur from my passion my lifestyle.

I am a TRAVELER myself and love communicating with people from different countries.

This is also why I understand travelers. When I travel I don’t want to feel like a tourist but rather like a traveler and I want to INTERACT with the LOCALS and get in touch with their world. I believe that the people in a place make a trip memorable, and I would like to help you get those nice experiences in Valencia!

I have a lot of PASSION for FOOD, WINE, SHOPPING & DANCES. I have a big list of good restaurants of all kind in Valencia and I will be happy to give recommendations. I keep myself very up to date about what’s going on in the city, markets, concerts, wine tastings, celebrations, Flamenco shows etc.

Why should you come on a tour with me? Let me tell you!

I have built up a great deal of KNOWLEDGE about this vibrant city which I am proud to call my home.
I am an independent and CERTIFIED tour guide and a member of the Valencian Guide’s Association.
I’ll show you things that you won’t see on the tour bus. My tours are PERSONAL.

I love to guide combining a MIXTURE of entertainment, making history come alive, interesting facts about the present society as well as fun anecdotes about everyday life.

As a real foodie, I can show you where to eat, what to order and explain about our local food and drinks.
The tour can be TAILORED to suit your particular interests. I will suggest an itinerary to match your interests and timeframe.

I try to adapt my tour to your interests and make it personal. That’s also why I get lots of recommendations. My guests say I’m very knowledgeable and professional, but also FUN and welcoming.

Feel WELCOME to contact me!

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