La Albufera is a wonderful escape from the bustling city of Valencia and a great place to soak up some beautiful landscapes and be at one with nature.

The natural park of the Albufera is home to an enormous freshwater lagoon which is surrounded by rice fields.

La Albufera Natural Park is just south of Valencia and easily reachable by bus, scooter or bike from the centre of Valencia. The trip itself offers some lovely views of the beaches, the rice fields and the lagoon.
Furthermore, there is an awesome bike route. I can take you there on a bike tour, scooter tour or even in a Vintage Volkswagen.

You will be rewarded with some incredible nature, dunes, wetlands, birds, fauna and the beaches of El Saler.The park’s lagoon makes a nice spot to watch birds and to take a ride in a typical Albufera boat.

You can make a visit to a traditional house “barracas” in the picturesque town of El Palmar.This is also a great place to find good paella restaurants or you can make your own paella during a paella workshop.

So, if you like nature, fresh open air and a peaceful atmosphere, this is definitely a tour for you! Email me if you are interested in a private tour to the Albufera

If you plan to visit the Albufera on your own this blog will help you on how to get to the Albufera from Valencia city center

I tell you about one of my favorite paella restaurants of the Albufera and I take you along on a typical Albufera day in this video.



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