citygames in Valencia for every occasion

By October 19, 2017Enjoy Valencia, Fun in Valencia

Interactive city games in Valencia with Ipads book now with massive discount!

Looking for an original activity in Valencia? We have a city game for every occasion. Teambuilding with colleagues, a family outing or an exciting activity for a stag or hen´s weekend. You play the games in teams on our tablets and game app, there is always a competition element in the games so challenge your traveling companions!

Book now in 2017 and play for a very special price!

We have poured our games in a new jacket and would like many people to enjoy our games. Book now till the end of 2017 our “standard” city games for a group of up to 20 participants for the unique price of 200 euros. With 20 participants, this is only 10 euros for an unforgettable activity in Valencia.

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City game Operation freddy

At Operation freddy you are challenged by a gnome to cross the city with all kinds of assignments and questions. With this game you can get to know Valencia in a very fun way. We can also compile the city game to your wishes, you can choose a theme and we will be creative to customize the game.  Find out how many bedpartners your stag had, the age of the CEO or make it a foodie hunt, you name it and we´ll be creative!

Afterwards you will be able to laugh a lot about the pictures and videos you have taken and that we will send you later.

City game The Target

An exciting chase game that is unique in the world. “The Target” is like a real life video game, played with tablets with GPS. The historic center of Valencia is the playground. Whether it is a bachelor party or a teambuilding session in Valencia, any excuse is a good excuse for friends or colleagues to challenge each other in “The Target”.

A dangerous gangster has escaped from prison, three police teams are in pursuit. His goal: € 1,000,000 earned by committing crimes in the city. Can the agents catch the gangster before he reaches his ‘target’?