The recipe for a successful group trip to Valencia

Are you planning to visit Valencia with a group of friends or colleagues, I would like to help you to make it an unforgettable group travel to Valencia!

group travel to valenciaIngredients:
* I, Suzie Añón y García 50% Spanish 50% Dutch 100% in love with Valencia.
* Easy and fast communication with you as my customer.
* Clear communication with local entrepreneurs, I know how to handle Spanish culture!
* Passion for organizing and guided tours in Valencia. From a to z you can do with me.
* I am creative, flexible and love surprises and innovation.
* Experience, read references from other groups.

Why do you need help in planning a group trip?
If you have ever organized a trip before for a group of friends, relatives or colleagues, you’ve noticed that is more time consuming than you originally thought. You want everyone to be happy, everything to go smooth, have a nice program and a enjoying good meals, above all you want all to enjoy the citytrip. However, something is often wrong, a restaurant that did not have the reservation, or does not respond to your mails to make a reservation. A flight that is delayed while a bus transfer is waiting for you. A tour where the guide is a bit borring or with poor English. Or even worse, a hospital must be visited but the doctors do not speak English. That’s how a nice trip can get a whole different turn.

I’m here to help you!

Ask me for help


Step 1:
Contact me via email.
We´ll telephone/or have mail contact to review specific wishes and expectations.
I would like to ask you a few questions so that I know more about the composition of the group and can tailor a program. I also mention the prices that you have to take into account for the various activities, tours, transfers, restaurant reservations and menus.

Step 2:
Finctuning of the program.
I have already guided many different groups in Valencia, no group is exactly the same and wants the same program. I want to make sure that you get a customized program without losing a lot of your time. Once a program is confirmed, I request a 20% deposit.

Step 3:
Enjoying Valencia.
You arrive in sunny Valencia (ok here I can not give a guarantee but I do a sun dance beforehand). The transport is arranged, the tours with the enthusiastic English speaking guides are the highlight, guests are enjoying the Valencian cuisine and the whole stay has a casual relaxed Spanish atmosphere. We´ll surprise the participants with something they did not know from the program yet. You are enjoying this successful city trip and will often hear back from the participants about Valencia being such a great getaway!

group travel to valencia

You know what to do if you have a business trip, an incentive, a jubilee, women’s trip, men’s trip, bachelorette trip, family trip, friends club trip, annual club trip, association trip, business club trip, sports club trip, training camp or cooking club trip.  Contact me!

I did my best on the above description of type of group travels but if you are planning to come with a group that is not mentioned please do not hesitate to contact me😉

I also work with professionals, if you are a travel agency or DMC, and you only want to arrange a part of a group program with me, then you can of course!

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