Top 5 Best Italian restaurants in Valencia

To be the girlfriend of an Italian man is not always easy! You have to eat a lot of pasta and pizza 😉 So I did try a lot of different Italian restaurants in Valencia. (I even think I have discovered an area that could be called little Italy) Once you’ve tasted the real Italian food, you get quite critical on all those restaurants which are just.. not that special…

So where do you eat Italian food in Valencia, here it comes my top 5:

1. la Cantinella, if you want a culinary celebration!
C/ Pintor Ferrer Calatayud No 10 (Esquina Serreria)
46022 Valencia
+34 963 251 422

foto(18)If you pay a bill of 50 euro p.p. in Valencia and you do not feel that you payed too much, it´s says something…
We ordered the seafood surprise menu, we had 3 starters + 3 different pasta´s + 3 desserts.
The service was very good, even the cook came out to have a chat with us. The products that are used are very fresh and of good quality. Most of the food is very authentic Italian, and some have a little twist as the panacota with Basil taste to it!! JUMMM. I went with 2 Italians, and they agreed that this is the best Italian restaurant in Valencia. I will be back to try some more! I do recommend the tasting menu, although it was a lot! If you are not very hungry you can also just choose from the menu, where prices are very reasonable.

2. Alquimista, for hungry Italian foodies
Carrer de Luís Santángel, 1
46005 Valencia
+34 685 201 413

This is an Italian jewel in Valencia. With just 5 tables you need to make a reservation. l-alquimista
Try the degustation menu of 25 euro, it is a great deal! You can eat as much homemade pasta as you want, so go with an empty stomach! The chefs will cook right in front of you. You will start eating some delicious antipasti. After that they won’t stop serving you pasta if you finish the pans they put on the table. The pasta is an explosion of flavor, so you will eat more than you can… But be warned, there are excellent desserts coming! Have been there several times, and will come back soon. (I have got hungry writing this)

3. La Forcola, Pizza night!!
Carrer de Borrull, 29 – 31
46008 Valencia
+34 963 155 909pizza-nonna

This restaurant is located just outside the ring of the old city, in the Quart area just down the street from the Quart Gates and the botanical garden. You wouldn’t expect this little gem down that street, so it is mainly popular by the local crowd. I started with a glass of Aperol Spritz and ordered a pizza from the stone pizza oven. They brought us small breads which are actually bits of baked pizza dough, quite tasty! Since we had to wait for the pizza as a compliment from the house they gave us some divine creamy blue cheese dip for our bread. The Pizza was tasty and the pasta looked good as well! A lovely atmosphere and the service was great!

4. Lambrusqueria, great deal for lunch
Carrer del Comte Altea, 31
46005 Valencia
+34 963 340 753

Situated in a street full of restaurants, this is certainly one of the best deals for lunch.17275_324535918344_3401043_n
Lambrusqueria serves a full course meal that includes your choice from appetizer, main and dessert. You will be able to choose from 3 dishes for each category. For 6.95 euros (without drinks) it’s a great deal. My favorite is the spinach ricotta salad, fresh and tasty. I usually don’t go for dinner since prices go up a lot and I have other favorites for that price. Although the candlelights make the restaurant very cosy. A lovely place for romance…

5. Tinto Fino, italian wines by glass.
Calle Corregeria, 38
46001 Valencia
+34 963 154 599

I have been many times to Tinto Fino, the reason is that they have a big assortment of wines that you
can order by glass. The interior is very sixties, it has a tapas/winebar and a restaurant part. But, I like the part of the winebar the most! It is a place where you can spend time with friends having a good wine with some tapas in a casual and cosy way. The food is a mix of Italian/Spanish. Last time I visited this restaurant I had Bravisismas potatoes, which is my favorite but you have to like spicy food…Beside that, the food is not really special, but the atmosphere is relaxed and the service is very friendly, but maybe I say that because they gave me a Limoncello afterwards 😉