How to make Tinto de verano = Spanish Summer Wine

Tinto de verano is Spanish summer wine a mixture of soda (fanta lemon or Gaseosa) and red wine. Serve it on the rocks and with a slice of lemon and your refreshing light alcoholic drink is ready. Tinto de Verano is a very popular drink in Spain during the summer it is actually a lot more popular by the locals than Sangria. On my tapas tour lot’s of people tried Tinto de Verano for the first time and really liked it! They are surprised how easy it is to make. To celebrate it is summer I am making a tinto de verano, hope you will enjoy this video and drink one as well 😉

Ingredients for Tinto de verano:

Red wine (young red wine)

Fanta lemon or gaseosa

ice cubes

slice of lemon




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