How to make Turrón de Jijona / turrón blando – Spanish nougat

By December 1, 2017spanish recipes, Transport tips

Spain has a very rich turrón tradition, we can trace it back to the Moorish conquest of the early middle ages. Turrón is translated as nougat but I do not find that this is the correct name for it as turrón comes in many different types and flavours, some are more like marzipan others are chocolates with almonds, we still call all of them turrón.

The most important distinction between types of turrón is whether it is hard, or soft. The harder variety is known as turrón duro or Turrón de Alicante, whereas the softer kind is known as turrón blando or turrón de Jijona, in reference to the two towns in which each kind is produced most.

Usually the main ingredient of turrón is almonds.

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