A night out in Valencia

By June 6, 2014Fun in Valencia

If you go to Valencia, you definitely also have to ‘taste’ the nightlife! You can start calm & easy with a nice, tasty cocktail and later you can go to one of the many discotheques.
Because, just like we eat late, we also go out very late. I know most people already go to the clubs at midnight, but here it’s normal to arrive at 2 AM or even later. But don’t worry, our cosy bars with lovely music are welcoming you already at 11 PM 😉 So first, grab an Agua de Valencia in a lovely bar in the city centre, where you can either sit outside at a nice square or have a little dance inside, and then when you are ready for the dancefloor you can hit the clubs !

My favorite places:

1. Neigboorhood El Carmen

El Carmen is a nice and local area behind Plaza de la Virgen. It has many bars and pubs and also delicious tapas bars. Lots of different bars will welcome you inside for cocktails or spirits. The neigbourhood is known for its pleasant and relaxed mood and it’s just lovely to go there after your dinner. There are also many squares, where it’s really nice to have your drink outside if it’s still warm.

Nice bars in El Carmen:

Café del Negret
Plaza del Negrito, 1entorno-plaza-negrito
46001 Valencia

If you are looking for a cosy bar where you can sit at an attractive place, you certainly have to go to Café del Negret. You can find this pub in El Carmen at Plaza del Negrito. You can choose whether to sit inside or outside and enjoy the peaceful music. Inside it’s really modern and the drinks are not that expensive. Furthermore, there is a real Spanish atmosphere, because not a lot of tourists find this place, so ssssttt don’t tell them 😉

Jimmie Glass
Calle Baja, 28
46003 Valenciapitos jimmy glazz

If you like jazz, you shouldn’t miss Jimmy Glass Jazz Bar. It is really a Valencian jazz temple with dimmed lights, jazzy background music, music art on the walls and great performances. You can find here many locals and it is a great place for a relaxed chat, a nice drink and special concerts. Check their program for live concerts, with great vibes and lots of love from the crowd.The entry fee varies from 4 to 7€. It can get very busy, so come early.

Radio City
Santa Teresa, 19
46001 Valencia

Here you will not only find other kind of music, but also theatre and dance performances. So, if you like to discover different styles of music and always wanted to see a spectacular flamenco performance, Radio City is your place! In the weekend you can enjoy seventies music, electro, disco and a lot more and every Tuesday there are amazing flamenco acts for only 10 euro. Their program is really varied and changes every week and that makes it always surprising!

2. Neigboorhood L’Eixample

doce This is a lovely quarter next to the Turia and around the street la Gran Via Marqués del Túria. At noon you can find here chic boutiques and stores with nice Valencian products. In the night you can enjoy a cocktail in one of the many modern bars and restaurants. In this area, you will find more adults than youngsters. The public that comes here always wear nice clothing. You will see stylish men and a lot of women with high heels, but this is of course not obliged (because if I am honest wearing high heels for 6 hours is also not really my thing 😉 )

And if your favorite cocktail is gin tonic, you definitely have to go to Doce. It is located on one of the best streets for restaurants and bars (Almirante Cadarso 12) and they stock over 125 different Gins!!

Just on walking distance from Canovas, you can find the district Ruzafa. Ruzafa is a cool, young and artistic neighboorhood at the south part of the old village of Valencia.
It’s even sometimes called the SOHO of Valencia! You will not only find here lovely food and vibrant bars,
but also a lot of famous sites like Plaza de Torres, the cathedral Iglesia Parroquial de San Valero y San Vicente Mártir and the Ruzafa market.
After 10 PM and in the weekends the district is very lively with lots of atmosphere.ubik

One of my favorite bars there is Ubik Café, where you have concerts, movie nights, language exchanges and walls full of books.
It´s a place where locals meet and where you can have a tasty drink in the evening.
If you are a big mojito fan, visit Taberna Cubana Salsavana (Calle Cadiz, 27) then!
They make them so fresh and tasteful, lovely to start your evening out!

3. Discotheques

Mya & Umbraclé12471_MYA_int_2
Calle Avenida del Saler, 5
46013 Valencia
Thursday till Saturday starting at 00:00

Mya is a club in the City of Arts & Sciences and that makes it very unique. With a bar outside and inside and several DJ’s, you can party here all night long. The location puts music and art together and that’s why the atmosphere is very cool and vibrant.
But don’t come here before 1.30 AM, because at that moment almost nobody has arrived.

Just above Mya, you have the beautiful Umbracle. levante2
This club opens its doors from the beginning of May till the end of the summer and it’s worthwile to go there. You can enter this club too if you are in Mya, just take the stairs and you will see the amazing palm trees and lots of people dancing underneath the lovely futuristic complex of Santiago Calatrava. The music is not that loud, but the trendy and relaxed location makes it perfect to enjoy a lovely Valencian night out and the open air.

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