Where to have Brunch in Valencia

What could be more delightful than having a brunch in Valencia? Traditionally brunch is not very common in Spain, but finally it’s getting more and more popular. In Valencia it is normal to have an Almuerzo around 11 am, this is something between a very light breakfast and a big lunch. But it’s not quite the same as a brunch for me.

Almuerzo usually is a big sandwich with eggs, sausages or ham and cheese, washed down with a beer AND a coffee. Maybe it’s because I am a sweet tooth (with my never-ending to bake lists), but I like to have something sweet around noon. For me the perfect brunch is something sweet and something savory, and a fresh juice can´t be missing either.

Time to share my favorite brunch places:

La petite brioche, bakery

Calle Sorní, 28

46004 Valencia

+34 607 370 780

My boyfriend told me: “If you want breakfast in bed, sleep in the kitchen!!”La petite brioche collage

I decided to go and have breakfast at La petite Brioche. Way better than sleeping in the kitchen 😉 And for 3,50 euro I had a filled croissant, a fresh orange juice and a lovely cappuccino.
La petite brioche is near to lots of small boutique stores, and Mercado de Colon. Great to start your shopping day with a nice breakfast or to take a little break with coffee and cake! This bakery has a amazing decor (very pinterest DIY). It really feels like home.

Dulce de leche, best brunch deal

Calle Pintor Alberto Gisbert, 2

46004 Valencia

+34 960 035 949


I just love to sit in this nice boutique (or sunny terrace) with a nice cup of coffee…something sweet, something salty.. read a newspaper… watch the people that stroll by in this artistic neighborhood…maybe drink a nice fresh juice, or a cake (hard to choose there are so many!!) to take home. Dulce de leche offers each day a brunch for 5 euro which is a good bargain for what they give you for it. You can also just go inside to buy some cake or bread. The place looks really outstanding and much better than all those franchise bread boutiques that are fashion at this moment in Valencia.

La mas bonita, beachbar

Paseo Marítimo de la Patacona, 11

46120 Alboraya

+34 961 143 611


Great place for breakfast, brunch or lunch right at the beach.DSC_0135 copy

Most tourists go to Malvarossa beach to eat a paella at one of the typical restaurants, but there is more! At the Patacona beach you can find a beautiful restored house right at the beach that serves good cakes, juices, salads and sandwiches. Although prices are a bit higher than usually in Valencia, the place is always busy and you have to be lucky to get a table (reserve one!). This is where young Valencian families come; it’s a marvelous place for kids since there is a mini playground. I´ve been here several times, the eggplant salad with goat cheese is very nice, I cannot decide yet which cake is the best.. Think I have to return once more 😉