Street art tour Valencia

If you know where to look, Valencia is like an open-air museum, you can find fantastic street art in different neighborhoods. The cultural meaning and the story behind the artworks are often very interesting. We have found you a street art expert who likes to take you on this discovery of urban art. Great tour if you want to see something different than the highlights of the city.

* Learn about the different neighborhoods from the perspective of the street

* A trail that takes you to the most beautiful artworks of local and international artists

* Be culturally surprised by the richness of different techniques such as graffiti, muralismo, stencil art, etc.

* Go on the road with a real street art expert and who knows maybe he even shows you his own work on the walls that you pass.

* This tour can be done on foot or by bike.

TIP: combine the street art tour with a graffiti workshop!

Price: starting from 20 euros per person

Participants: with a minimum of 4 participants the tour is confirmed but you can register with less people if we do not have a group yet, we place an optional reservation or you can choose to pay a bit more for the tour. A private tour is also possible.

Time: 2,5  hours, starting at a time of your choice & depending on availability

Street art tour includes:  passionate English speaking graffiti artist as your guide.

Extra: Bike rental if you opt for the graffiti tour by bike.

Feel free to contact us, we are happy to help you with planning your days in Valencia.

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