The Target GPS Citygame

Innovative and exciting, that’s ‘The Target’.
An exciting chase game that is unique in the world.

“The Target” is like a real life video game, played with tablets with GPS.
The historic center of Valencia is the playground.
Whether it is a bachelor party or a teambuilding session in Valencia, any excuse is a good excuse for friends or colleagues to challenge each other in “The Target”.
A dangerous gangster has escaped from prison, three police teams are in pursuit.
Their weapons: a tablet and satellites hanging above the city.
His goal: € 1,000,000 earned by committing crimes in the city.
Can the agents catch the gangster before he reaches his ‘target’?

Do not miss this exciting game in the city of Valencia!

Price: starting from 27 euro p.p.

Participants: minimum 8

Time: 2 hours playing time, you choose the start time

Including: explanation of the game, maps and tablets with the game software during the game

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