Train station of Valencia, Estación del Norte

 Love to show you in this video the train station, Estación del Norte of Valencia that dates from 1917 and it is still in use.

We have 2 train stations at the moment in Valencia, so be careful and check your train ticket to know where the train is leaving from.

It could be Estacion del Norte which is this beautiful train station, Estación del Norte in this video or it could be the new train station Joachim Sorolla.

Usually, the regional trains to close destinations ¨cercanias¨ go from Estacion del Norte but there is also a train to Barcelona…

The fast train ¨ave¨ that goes to Madrid leave from the new train station and normally the long distances trains leave from here.

If you want to buy train tickets online you can do this on this website:

Tip: buy your long distance tickets in advance you usually get cheaper deals, it is just like airfares.