Video review Commo fusion, Peruvian restaurant Valencia

I have to admit, I have discovered Peruvian kitchen about 2 years ago and I have been an absolute freak since! Everywhere I go I look for food and restaurants from Peru. I am so addicted to ceviche that if it is on a menu of any restaurant I just have to order it! I even traveled to Madrid especially to dine and Astrid and Gaston´s restaurant… told you I am a FREAK!
About a year ago a friend told me I do not have to travel to Madrid to get my portion of Causa Limeña, Ceviches and Pisco, I can get it in Valencia in Commo! I went with high expectations and have returned many times since. It is the only Peruvian restaurant in Valencia that did not disappoint me in any way.
The chef Vanessa is a lovely Peruvian Lady graduated in Cordon Bleu, during one of my visits on a weekday it was not so busy and she came to our table to explain a bit about the food and its multicultural history. Jean her husband will make you feel welcome and will give recommendations what to try. By now I have almost tried their entire menu and I have my own favorites: Tacu-tacu, Quinotta with truffle, fish soup, causa limeña, tiraditos of salmon and not to forget Ceviche! Of course accompanied with a Pisco sour or Pisco maracuya.

Tip: leave some space for dessert as they are excellent! My favorites are the key lime pie and the chocolate coulant!
Enjoy… I can’t wait till my next visit!

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